Types of Foreign Aid

Added: 04-23-2019

The blog entry lists and describes five different categories of foreign aid that are included in the 2016 United States (US) foreign aid budget. According to the US budget, aid is classified as Bilateral Aid, Economic Aid Supporting US Military & Political Objectives, Humanitarian Assistance, Multilateral Aid, and Military Assistance.

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Key Takeaways
  • The US government defines its foreign aid efforts along five official categories. 
  • Aid is classified as bilateral, economic (supporting US military and political objectives), humanitarian assistance, multilateral, and military assistance.


The blog entry explains the five forms of foreign aid in the United States (US) budget as defined by the US Congressional Research Service. 

  1.  Bilateral Aid: Any aid that is dispersed from the US government to another country with a focus on long-term development. 
  2. Economic Aid Supporting US Military & Political Objectives: Financial assistance that seeks to meet national US interests in the realm of economics, politics, or security. As such, these payments can be disbursed in many forms as long as they are directed at furthering US interests. 
  3. Humanitarian Assistance: This is aid provided as a response to natural disasters or to dampen the negative humanitarian effects of crises in conflict zones. 
  4. Multilateral Aid: Aid provided by the US and other countries’ governments that is invested in large-scale development projects typically orchestrated by large international development organizations such as the World Bank. 
  5. Military Assistance: Any support for US allies to receive training or equipment for military purposes abroad. 
The author suggests that while the US offers various forms of international assistance, the goal, according to Texas Congressional Representative Kay Granger, is for the funds to be “carefully guided and targeted...and...effective.”

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