Not a Saviour

Added: 08-14-2018

This podcast focuses on the pitfalls of development and specifically the issues with volunteers and their white savior complex. Through interviews with ex-volunteers and relevant experts, Not a Saviour identifies how volunteering can often be self-serving and hurt local communities.

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podcast 20 minutes MELISSA GODIN
Type Reading Time
podcast 20 minutes
Author Date
Melissa Godin 2018-08-14 00:00:00 UTC
Key Takeaways
  • Not a Saviour is a podcast series on how to contribute to development responsibly. 
  • Volunteer trips should emphasize education, not concrete results. 
  • Choose to support volunteer groups that acknowledge limitations 
  • Volunteering can cause more harm than good without proper considerations.


This podcast series documents a snapshot into the world of voluntourism with the purpose of giving concrete and relatable examples to the issues that arise. The podcast is hosted by two white narrators who have experienced a significant amount of disillusionment following their respective travels, volunteer trips and development jobs. 

The podcasts consist of interviews with students, ex-volunteers and experts (such as Pippa Biddle) on the subject of volunteering and how it can be done better. The podcast uses personal narratives to highlight glaring obscenities that lie within study abroad opportunities, orphanage visits and insensitive genocide tourism. Through personal anecdotes and analysis, the Not a Saviour narrators give their take on where the line between service and exploitation.


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