NGO Aid Map

Added: 06-18-2019

The NGO Aid Map is a platform created by the American non-governmental organization (NGO) InterAction that provides detailed information, by means of interactive maps and data visualizations, about development projects sponsored by a variety of NGOs across the globe. The map features information on the organization, project title, project description, start and end date, sector and country.

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Ngo aid map
Key Takeaways
  • The NGO Aid Map illustrates detailed project information of NGO projects across the globe in an interactive way.


 The NGO Aid Map pools together detailed project information of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), that operate across the globe in various fields, in an interactive and illustrative way. The majority of projects are in the health sector, while education, agriculture and economic recovery and development projects are other examples of well-represented sectors. By combining data on international development and humanitarian response projects, the map aims to provide an image of international aid that does not exist otherwise. 

The dataset is updated three times yearly and reviewed by InterAction, an alliance of nearly 200 international NGOs who work with impoverished and vulnerable people based in Washington, D.C. The site only features information from members of the InterAction NGO network. As such, it can only comprise a part of all projects out there, while the accuracy of the information is provided by, and largely depends on, the cooperating NGOs. At the same time, the map only displays ongoing projects; any inactive projects can be retrieved in raw format upon contacting InterAction. 

All in all, the map shows a limited horizon of all NGO projects, but manages to illustrate and create a sense of the scope of efforts that some of the world’s NGOs are currently undertaking in their pursuit of international development.