Meet 38 Women Social Entrepreneurs who made a major impact in Africa in 2015

Added: 07-24-2018

Lionesses of Africa is an online community of women entrepreneurs from all over Africa. The organization promotes connections, sharing, and inspiration between entrepreneurial women. This blog post highlights the stories and work of 38 female social impact entrepreneurs from all over the continent whose contributions, in the opinion of the organization, made a real difference in 2015.

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Key Takeaways

  • This listing of leading African women social entrepreneurs and their social impact enterprises offers insight into the space and the thoughts of a community of entrepreneurial women.
  • These stories of social entrepreneurs and links to their businesses may provide inspiration for future social entrepreneurs and potential collaborators.


This blog post from Lionesses of Africa highlights 38 social entrepreneurs whose work in 2015 was considered exceptional by this online organization of entrepreneurial women. These business leaders, all women, come from all over the continent: Nigeria, South Africa, Tunisia, Malawi, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Ghana, Morocco, and more. Each of the business enterprises highlighted is unique, providing many different services or products, as well as employment opportunities in the communities where they are located, and every one of the 38 entrepreneurs has a unique story.

The post includes descriptions of businesses that range from small community-based ventures to large multinational organizations. Products range from innovative cooking devices, adaptive products for people with disabilities, and traditional handicrafts to bamboo bicycles, beautiful objects crafted from recycled materials, and women’s sanitary products. Service enterprises include waste reduction, reuse, and disposal; educational assistance and enhancement, ecological innovation, microfinance, healthcare solutions, and more. While each of these enterprises seems to have a different genesis, the theme that runs through all their stories is of women inspired to improve the lives of others.

Lionesses of Africa dedicated January 2015 to telling stories of social entrepreneurship, and a search of “social entrepreneur” in their blog search box returns many items, not limited to the single month. These organizations have taken a variety of paths to creating social impact, and their stories and provide some insight into the many facets of the social enterprise arena on the continent.


Lionesses of Africa is an online community for Africa’s women entrepreneurs: