Doing Development Differently

Added: 08-14-2018

Doing Development Differently (DDD) is a manifesto to improve how social good development is performed. Signed by over 400 respected people in the field of development, the manifesto emphasizes local involvement, limited risk, and trust.

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Key Takeaways
  • Doing Development Differently (DDD) is a manifesto on how to improve development practices, agreed upon by over 400 leaders in the development field.
  • DDD emphasizes the focus on local involvement and leadership. 
  • The manifesto outlines how to minimize risk in development projects and learn from past.


This website was launched in 2014 to publicize the Doing Development Differently (DDD) manifesto signed by over 400 signatories from over 60 countries on how to improve sustainable development practices. The manifesto states that development initiatives should adhere to the following principles in order to complete sustainable social development: 

  • Focus on local issues, with local people. 
  • Legitimize projects at all levels (political, managerial and social), building ownership among local communities. 
  • Mobilize all those with a stake in progress. 
  • Foster learning from both success and failure. 
  • Manage risks by making ‘small bets.' 
  • Build trust, empower people and promote sustainability. 
The purpose of this manifesto is to encourage and promote productive conversation about how to do good, without inhibiting or hurting the people at the focus of the project. The signatories of this manifesto include World Bank leaders, Harvard University professors, and many other consultants and leaders in development organizations.