LensShift Manifesto

At LensShift we believe:

Good intentions alone do not suffice. 

Accessibility of content is instrumental to facilitating understanding.  

The future of any society depends on its ability to understand and reconcile with its past. 

History establishes the undefinable norms and power dynamics of a space. 

Nobody chose to be colonized, enslaved, or exploited. 

Media is fundamentally influential in shaping perceptions of norms and ‘others’ and should be held accountable for their portrayals. 

Language shapes thought which in turn shapes actions. 

Context is imperative: stereotypes sabotage dignity. 

‘Saving’ in the context of religion is just as problematic as in development. 

We advocate for communities above all else; specifically, we’re adamant about putting communities first, not the actors working in them. 

We recognize that the status quo was formed by cultural norms, people’s perceptions and global policy--all of which can be influenced. 

Everyone must be held accountable to responsibly navigate their own privilege and power. 

Though the current state of the world can feel overwhelming at times, we passionately believe that change is possible. 

Even the biggest fires start with just a spark. 

We are patient but persistent. 

We transform perspectives on how to do good.