Farewell 2018! Welcome 2019!


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Thank you for an exciting year!

As we approach the start of a new year, we would like to reflect on 2018 and how grateful we are to you, our fellow LensShifters, for all the progress we’ve made.

Last December we asked many of you to “like” our co-founder Aparna’s pitch in the student competition to participate in TEDxOxford. With 1100 “likes” on Facebook, Aparna edged out the competition and won the chance to present.

On March 4, Aparna presented “Change Your Perspective For Good” to 1800 participants at the 2018 TEDxOxford “Think Again” Conference. At the same time, the LensShift beta platform went live with 75 resources in our library (including articles, videos, podcasts, infographics, etc.) bringing together powerful content relating to social impact using tags, summaries and key takeaways for each entry, and three structured streams (think mini courses) that walk users through 15-20 resources from the library to unpack topics fundamental to social impact. 

In the Spring we ensured our compliance with Europe’s strict GDP Regulations and established a sound privacy policy accordingly. Later in the year, with much nail-biting and effort, we also obtained our non-profit status in California, USA. We’re really excited to leverage this in the coming year to help us with fundraising, partnerships, and increasing engagement.

Over the year we’ve added 115 more resources to the library following a schedule of weekly themes, one additional stream, and two practical guides distilling the learnings and takeaways from our library and streams into bite-size references that can be tangibly applied in daily work and conversations. We’ve worked to hone our LensShift taxonomy, allowing users to browse related resources by clicking on tags within resource, and we’ve started sending this quarterly newsletter (prior issues can be found as blog posts). Our all-volunteer, globally-dispersed team meets virtually, nearly every week, and we are excited to welcome Jen to the team as our new Communications & Social Media Fellow!

In the near future, we are starting to implement a more consistent social media presence. Please check us out on Facebook and Twitter. We plan to publish two more practical guides early in 2019, and will continue adding resources to the library and updating our streams as well. We dream of building and improving our search functionality on the platform, and adding features to allow interactivity for all of us!

Looking forward to a new year full of exciting possibilities and learning...