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These structured Streams walk LensShifters through 15-20 resources from the Library to unpack topics fundamental to challenging mainstream narratives.

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Practical Guides distill the knowledge from our Library and Streams into bite-size references that can be tangibly applied in daily work and conversations.

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Structural Racism

 Structural Racism How We're Here and Where To Go

-Understand historical and contextual background for some of these issues driving structural racism. 

-Understand what is happening and the context in which it is happening, without burdening those whom it is happening to.  

-Have conversations with family, friends, and coworkers in a constructive way. Now is the time to speak up: use your voice to support those that systemic racism harms. 

-Work to understand the demands of the protesters and activists in your community. 

-Challenge your own beliefs and commit to continually educating yourself.